Electronic Communication Policy

Staff are mindful that even if patients have provided electronic contact details they may not be proficient in communicating via electronic means and patient choice should be obtained before using electronic communication. Healthworks has now set up a website, through which patients are able to request and receive appointments with any of the medical practitioners at our four clinics.

Patients are able to obtain advice or information related to their care or appointment reminders by electronic means, where the doctor determines that a face-to-face consultation is unnecessary. Electronic communication includes: email, fax, and SMS.

Practice staff and doctors determine how they communicate electronically with patients, both receiving and sending messages. All significant electronic contact with patients is recorded in the patient health records. Patients are informed of any costs incurred prior to electronic consultations.

Practice staff and doctors are aware of alternative modes of communication used by the disabled.

Patients are advised in the Practice Information sheet that they can request our written policy on receiving and returning electronic communication.

Communication with patients via electronic means (e.g. email and Fax) is conducted with appropriate regard to the privacy Laws relating to health information and confidentiality of the patients health information.

Staff and Patients using email/SMS or other forms of electronic messaging should be aware that it is not possible to guarantee that electronic communications will be private. All personal health information or sensitive information sent by email must be securely encrypted.