We aim to keep appointment times, but as you would understand, emergencies and unexpected long consultations may delay the doctor. If you are waiting more than 30 minutes, please notify reception. If the doctor has been significantly delayed reception will try to contact you prior to your appointment or notify you upon your arrival.

For most of the doctors at healthworks, a standard appointment is allocated 10 minutes. When making an appointment, you can assist reception by saying that you need extra time. Longer consultations (usually 20 minutes) are available upon request when making your appointment.


Employment, Driving Licence and recreational medicals all have to be booked with both the Clinic Nurse and the Doctor, and a longer than normal consultation may be needed. Please let Reception frow that you require a medical when booking. please present any associated paperwork you may have upon arrival.

Patient Comfort

If you need to breastfeed, change your baby’s nappy etc or if you feel the need to vomit, need to be isolated or lie down, please let Reception know when you arrive.

Home Visits

Home visits are performed for people genuinely unable to attend the surgery. The doctor on call or your regular treating doctor will assess your requests.

After Hours Service

We provide an on call doctor for emergency treatment outside of normal clinic hours. To contact the on-call doctor ring: 0418327871. This number is for emergencies only NOT for clinic appointments.

Reminder Systems

At times there may be research projects, patient surveys, health promotion days etc in progress. You will be notified of these and asked if you wish to participate. Reminders related to your specific care, for example for PAP smears will be sent to you also.


ANY details about patients, even close relatives are confidential and will NOT be released to anyone, without the written consent of the patient.

Telephone Calls

The doctors allocate time and the end of each session when they will return non-urgent telephone calls from patients. The Clinic Nurse is able to take urgent telephone calls and prioritise urgent problems.


Concerns about your medical treatment should be discussed with your doctor. Avoid misunderstandings; please feel free to raise any concerns you have. Failing that, enquiries may be made to the Health Services Commissioner (telephone toll free 1800 136 066 or 03 8601 5222). Account enquiries or Reception staff issues may be discussed with our Practice Manager.

National Relay Service (NRS)
For patients with a hearing/communication impairment Phone: 133 677
Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS)
For patients who speak languages other than English and require the services of an Interpreter  
Phone: 131 450